just a fragment of a scared mindMost movie trends today focused on being scary, may it be an indi film, a Hollywood one or even from local produce. Why is it so? May it be because people are always afraid on how the world will end? Will it be so scary, so horrific, so suspense, so thriller or so funny?

No matter the reasons behind creating such movies, everyone is so well entertained that even the feet will go high up on the cinema chair and those knees which are frequently ignored are now terrifyingly hugged. That even those hands will cover those hearing ears that are transferring the bloodcurdling sound effects to the brain, the big round eyes still focuses on the screen to wait on the next scene. And even if those eyes will get on so chinky afraid of what will happen but intent on just to peep and follow the story, still the frightening movie won the hearts of many.
       They said that it’s just in the movies, but accept the fact that it can happen in the real world. Some can and maybe even the exaggeration of the scenes we often comment on might happen anytime, anywhere…just be aware…hahahaLet’s try to find some sense in the movies…some of the scary movies…not the funny and rated Scary Movies, which were really hilarious and amusing, but the serious fearsome movies.